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Gait epilepsy. A case report of gait-induced seizures

Iriarte J., Sánchez-Carpintero R., Schlumberger E., Narbona J., Viteri C., Artieda J.
Department of Neurology, Clínica Universitaria, University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain.

Magazine: Epilepsia

Date: Aug 1, 2001

Pediatría [SP] Neurology [SP] Neurophysiology [SP]

Reflex epilepsy includes a group of epileptic syndromes in which seizures are induced by a stimulus, either simple (visual, somatosensory, olfactory, auditory) or more complex (e.g., eating, thinking, reading). We document a case of reflex epilepsy in which focal seizures are triggered exclusively by gait.

The patient is a young boy whose walking was impaired by abnormal motor phenomena on the left side. These phenomena were elicited by gait and were accompanied by a distinctive ictal pattern with centro-temporal discharges. After comparing this patient with others reported in the literature, we determined that he has an unusual type of reflex epilepsy for which we coined the term gait epilepsy.

This disorder must be considered when physicians are making a differential diagnosis in patients who have symptoms that suggest paroxysmal kinesigenic dystonia (PKD) or selective epileptic gait disorder.

CITATION  Epilepsia. 2001 Aug;42(8):1087-90

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