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Evidence based nursing: early and safe protocol for ICU patient's mobilization

Apr 1, 2016 | Magazine: Revista de Enfermería

Jimeno San Martín L, López Alfaro P, Sarasa Monreal Mdel M, Nicolás Olmedo A, Munárriz Ariz L, Azcona Martínez MA, Aguirre Santano R, Regaira Martínez E. 

Patients admitted to the ICU are at risk of immobility and an early and important physical deconditioning.

To develop and to implement an early and safe protocol for ICU patients' mobilization.

The Evidence Based Practice Model for Staff Nurses was used. It encompasses Assessment, Problem Identification, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation, Integration and Maintenance in Practice.

The research team (Advanced Practice Nurse and expert clinical nurses), along with the medical team and rehabilitation service, identified the need to develop the protocol. For its elaboration, a literature search on the data bases PubMed, CINA-HL and Cochrane Library was performed; a questionnaire was administered and structured observations were conducted.

For the implementation training sessions were offered to nurses, posters were placed in the unit and protocol was included in the computer program. Finally, an assessment of the knowledge, perceptions and practices of nurses in the unit and a recording of adverse events related to the mobilization will take place.

The development and implementation of a protocol for early mobilization of ICU patients has facilitated the integration of this care in daily practice. This model of evidence-based practice allows nurses an active part in changing the culture in terms of the integration of research into practice.

CITATION  Rev Enferm. 2016 Apr;39(4):52-60