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Evaluation of HLA-G5 Plasmatic Levels During Pregnancy and Relationship with the 14-bp Polymorphism

Gonzalez A, Alegre E, Torres MI, Díaz-Lagares A, Lorite P, Palomeque T, Arroyo A.
Department of Biochemistry, University Clinic of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain.

Magazine: American Journal of Reproductive Immunology

Date: May 13, 2010

Biochemistry [SP]

Evaluation of HLA-G5 plasmatic levels during pregnancy and relationship with the 14-bp polymorphism. Am J Reprod Immunol 2010 Problem Plasmatic HLA-G levels increase during pregnancy, but the contribution of each different isoform has not been elucidated yet.

Method of study HLA-G5 was analyzed by ELISA in 19 controls, 79 women in the first 8 weeks of pregnancy and in nine women monthly until delivery. Genotyping for the 14-bp polymorphism was performed by PCR amplification of exon 8. Results HLA-G5 was detected in plasma from 80% of pregnant women. The levels did not change during pregnancy, and there were no differences compared to control non-pregnant women. There was a high interindividual variation that was maintained throughout the pregnancy. The presence of +14-bp allele was associated with HLA-G5 positivity.

Pregnant women who were heterozygotic to 14-bp polymorphism had significantly higher levels of HLA-G5 compared to -14 bp/-14-bp homozygotic. Conclusion Plasmatic HLA-G5 levels do not change during pregnancy and its concentration depends on 14-bp polymorphism.

CITATION  Am J Reprod Immunol. 2010 Nov;64(5):367-74



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