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Engineering Th determinants for efficient priming of humoral and cytotoxic T cell responses

López-Díaz de Cerio A, Lasarte JJ, Casares N, Sarobe P, Ruiz M, Prieto J, Borrás-Cuesta F.
Universidad de Navarra, Division de Hepatología y Terapia Génica, Facultad de Medicina. Irunlarrea 1, 31008 Pamplona, Spain.

Magazine: International Immunology

Date: Jun 1, 2003


To engineer T(h) determinants (THd) to prime help for humoral or cytotoxic T cell responses, we modified ovalbumin [OVA(323-337)] and myoglobin [MYO(106-118)] eliciting T(h)1 and T(h)0 cytokine profiles respectively. Residues along the sequence of both THd were replaced with amino acids representative of different families. Replacements at positions P-1 and P5 pointing to the TCR in both THd afforded higher levels of IFN-gamma and IL-4 production.

Peptides eliciting different proportions of IFN-gamma and IL-4 were co-immunized with a peptide hapten or a T cytotoxic determinant (TCd) respectively. OVA(323-337)- and MYO(106-118)-derived peptides afforded the best THd for the induction of cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) and anti-hapten antibodies respectively. IFN-gamma and IL-4, primed by MYO(106-118)-derived peptides, correlated significantly with antibody production against the hapten (P < 0.05 for IFN-gamma and P < 0.05 for IL-4). Interestingly, two peptides derived from OVA(323-337), 323G and 327G, which induced the clearest T(h)2 cytokine profiles, were not the most efficient to prime cell help for the induction of anti-hapten antibodies. For CTL induction, OVA(323-337)-derived peptides, inducing a T(h)1-like profile, required a lower dose (5 nmol) than T(h)0 peptides (50 nmol).

The dose of 50 nmol was detrimental for T(h)1-like peptides. Interestingly, IFN-gamma primed by the THd correlated significantly with that induced by the TCd (P < 0.01).

CITATION  Int Immunol. 2003 Jun;15(6):691-9



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