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Efficacy and safety of on-demand versus daily rupatadine in chronic spontaneous urticaria: A randomized trial

Aug 19, 2023 | Magazine: Allergy

Karsten Weller  1   2 , Ana Maria Gimenez-Arnau  3 , Jens Baron  4 , Randolf Brehler  5 , Marta Ferrer  6   7 , Adriane Groffik  8 , Sonja Grundmann  9 , Thilo Jakob  10 , Moisés Labrador-Horrillo  11 , Sabine Müller  12 , Petra Staubach  13 , Gerda Wurpts  14 , Martin Metz  1   2 , Marcus Maurer  1   2

Background: Non-sedating H1 -antihistamines (nsAH) are the most commonly used treatment for chronic spontaneous urticaria (CSU). Many patients use them as on-demand (OD) therapy rather than a maintenance treatment. Here, we compared OD versus daily maintenance treatment with the nsAH rupatadine, assessed the efficacy of rupatadine updosing, and investigated potential long-term disease-modifying effects.

Methods: This multicenter, randomized study consisted of 2 weeks of screening, 8 weeks of double-blind treatment, and 6 weeks of treatment-free follow-up (OD allowed). Adult patients were randomized to 10 mg rupatadine OD or 10 mg rupatadine daily. At Week 4, if patients did not have a complete response, they switched from 10 to 20 mg rupatadine daily or underwent sham updosing (patients on 10 mg rupatadine OD). The primary aim was to compare CSU disease activity at the end of follow-up between daily versus OD. Additionally, we assessed the efficacy of rupatadine updosing. Major outcomes were disease activity, CSU-related quality of life (QoL), and disease control.

Results: At Week 4, disease activity and QoL significantly improved in daily versus OD-treated patients. Updosing of rupatadine did not improve the mean disease activity, but the number of complete responders increased during updosing from 5% to 22%. At the end of follow-up, the disease activity of patients treated OD versus daily was not significantly different.

Conclusions: Daily rupatadine treatment significantly improved CSU disease activity and QoL during treatment versus OD treatment but not after discontinuation of rupatadine, indicating the benefits of a daily maintenance nsAH schedule.

CITATION Allergy. 2023 Aug 19. doi: 10.1111/all.15854

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