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Do microRNAs regulate myocardial fibrosis

Feb 1, 2009 | Magazine: Nature Clinical Practice. Cardiovascular Medicine

Díez J.

Fibrosis is an established morphological feature of the structural myocardial remodeling that occurs in several cardiac diseases. This feature confers an increased risk for adverse cardiovascular events such as ventricular dysfunction and arrhythmias.

The molecular mechanisms that lead to a fibrogenic cardiac phenotype are still being elucidated. A small number of studies have demonstrated that altered expression of several microRNAs (miRNAs) in myocardial fibrosis is associated with ischemia or mechanical overload; however, much work is still required to identify which miRNAs have a direct role in the development of fibrosis, and which develop alterations in expression that are secondary to the cardiac insult.

Characterization of individual miRNAs or miRNA expression profiles that are specifically associated with myocardial fibrosis might allow us to develop diagnostic tools and innovative therapies for fibrogenic cardiac diseases.

CITATION  Nat Clin Pract Cardiovasc Med. 2009 Feb;6(2):88-9