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Core Palliative Care Research Competencies Framework for Palliative Care Clinicians

Nov 20, 2023 | Magazine: Journal of Palliative Medicine

Daniela Mosoiu  1   2 , Sheila Payne  3 , Oana Predoiu  2 , Maria Arantzamendi  4   5 , Julie Ling  6 , Aliki Tserkezoglou  7 , Nicoleta Mitrea  1   2 , Mary Dionisi  7 , Marina Martínez  5   8 , Stephen Mason  9 , Camelia Ancuta  2 , Carlos Centeno  4   5

Background: Understanding the principles and practice of research by health care professionals helps to improve the evidence base for palliative care practice and service delivery. Research is a core competency in palliative care that enables the identification and addressing of problems for patients and their families, establishes best practice and improves ways to manage pain, other symptoms, and concerns. This work was undertaken in the research for all palliative care clinicians (RESPACC) Erasmus+ project.

Aim: To identify and develop a set of core research competencies within a structured framework for all members of the multidisciplinary palliative team.

Design: A multi-method approach was used including rapid review of literature, Nominal Group Technique, and expert consultation. A quiz to self-assess research competencies outlined within the Framework was produced.

Results: The Framework includes 17 competencies organized in 7 domains: The clinical context, Scientific thinking and research design, Ethics and regulatory framework for research, Study and site management, Data management and informatics, Communication and relationships, and Research leadership. In the consultation process 6 of the 17 competencies were considered as required by each individual team member, and 3 to be present within the palliative care team.

Conclusion: Using a multi-method approach, the first Palliative Care Research Framework identifying core research competencies for palliative care clinicians has been developed. The aim of the framework was not to transform palliative care clinicians into researchers, but to ensure that clinicians understand the important role of research and its integration into clinical practice.

CITATION  J Palliat Med. 2023 Nov 20.  doi: 10.1089/jpm.2023.0399