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Computerized tomography in aortic pathology

Jun 1, 1996 | Magazine: Revista Española de Cardiología

Lecumberri Olaverri F, Benito Boillos A.

Aortic dissection is an acute and life-threatening pathology, early diagnosis and precise evaluation allow a correct treatment. Computed tomography diagnoses dissection, demonstrates the two aortic channels separated by the intimal flap and shows its place and extension. Aortic aneurysms are permanent and localized dilation of all wall components. They are usually asymptomatic until complications appear.

Radiologic studies are essential for diagnosis and treatment.

Ultrasound is the suitable technic for diagnoses and follow-up in uncomplicated patients. CT is an excellent method to evaluate aortic aneurysms and their complications before and after surgery. Angiography is useful to determine visceral branches involvement and to identify anatomic variations.

Magnetic Resonance is a new option. Probably it will be the choice in the future.

CITATION  Rev Esp Cardiol. 1996;49 Suppl 4:27-36

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