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Comprehensive approach to vertigo: Diagnostic algorithm, causes, treatments, and referral criteria from the perspective of primary care. SEMERGEN consensus document

Nov 11, 2023 | Magazine: Semergen

D Martín-Enguix  1 , N Pérez-Fernández  2 , N Gomez-Gabaldón  3 , J A Medina-Gámez  4 , F J Morales-Escobar  5


Vertigo is a common symptom that can have various causes and may require a comprehensive approach for its diagnosis and treatment from primary care.

A diagnostic algorithm based on the classification proposed by the Otoneurology Commission of the SEORL-PCF is suggested, which facilitates the classification of the different types of vertigo and provides referral criteria for patients from primary care to other specialties.

A review of the available treatments based on the underlying cause is conducted for appropriate therapeutic management. This document is expected to become a valuable tool for professionals treating patients with vertigo.

The document is based on scientific evidence and on the experience of experts in the field from various medical specialties; and seeks to improve the understanding and clinical approach to acute vertigo from primary care.

CITATION  Semergen. 2023 Oct 11;50(2):102114.  doi: 10.1016/j.semerg.2023.102114