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Comparison of a transparent dressing with gauze. Venous blood vessel maintenance

Feb 1, 2002 | Magazine: Revista de Enfermería

San Martín Rodríguez L, Henríquez Azcona A, Tina Majuelo P.
Clínica Universitaria de Navarra.

The authors describe a prospective, random study which compares the usefulness, advantages and inconveniences between a 3M Tegaderm transparent surgical dressing and a gauze dressing under a protocol for the maintenance of peripheral venous blood vessels.

Their conclusions highlight as major differences the ease and speed in the use of the 3M Tegaderm transparent surgical dressing, the vision in the syringe nozzle insertion zone allowed by this dressing and a higher degree of early detection of phlebitis when this dressing is used. This article was awarded the second place prize in the First 3M Tegaderm Contest.

CITATION  Rev Enferm. 2002 Feb;25(2):12-6