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Commissioning of small field size radiosurgery cones in a 6-MV flattening filter-free beam

Jul 12, 2017 | Magazine: Medical Dosimetry

Azcona JD (1), Barbés B (2), Morán V (3), Burguete J (4).


This study aimed to describe the commissioning of small field size radiosurgery cones in a 6-MV flattening filter free (FFF) beam and report our measured values. Four radiosurgery cones of diameters 5, 10, 12.5, and 15 mm supplied by Elekta Medical were commissioned in a 6-MV FFF beam from an Elekta Versa linear accelerator.

The extraction of a reference signal for measuring small fields in scanning mode is challenging. A transmission chamber was attached to the lower part of the collimators and used for percentage depth dose (PDD) and profile measurements in scanning mode with a stereotactic diode.

Tissue-maximum ratios (TMR) and output factors (OF) for all collimators were measured with a stereotactic diode (IBA). TMR and the OF for the largest collimator were also acquired on a polystyrene phantom with a microionization chamber of 0.016 cm3 volume (PTW Freiburg PinPoint 3D).

Measured TMR with diode and PinPoint microionization chamber agreed very well with differences smaller than 1% for depths below 20 cm, except for the smaller collimator, for which differences were always smaller than 2%.

Calculated TMR were significantly different (up to 7%) from measured TMR. OF measured with diode and chamber showed a difference of 3.5%. The use of a transmission chamber allowed the measurement of the small-field dosimetric properties with a simple setup.

The commissioning of radiosurgery cones in FFF beams has been performed with essentially the same procedures and recommended detectors used with flattened beams.

Good agreement was found between TMR measurements acquired with the IBA stereotactic diode and the PinPoint 3D microionization chamber. The transmission chamber overcomes the problem of extracting a reference signal and is of great help for small-field commissioning.

CITATION  Med Dosim. 2017 Jul 12. pii: S0958-3947(17)30061-4. doi: 10.1016/j.meddos.2017.06.003