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Clinical guideline on bone conduction implants

Mar 1, 2019 | Magazine: Acta Otorrinolaringologica Española

Lavilla Martín de Valmaseda MJ (1), Cavalle Garrido L (2), Huarte Irujo A (3), Núñez Batalla F (4), Manrique Rodriguez M (5), Ramos Macías Á (6), de Paula Vernetta C(7), Gil-Carcedo Sañudo E (8), Lassaleta L (9), Sánchez-Cuadrado I (10), Espinosa Sánchez JM (11), Batuecas Caletrio Á (12), Cenjor Español C (13).


During the last decade there have been multiple and relevant advances in conduction and mixed hearing loss treatment. These advances and the appearance of new devices have extended the indications for bone-conduction implants.

The Scientific Committee of Audiology of the Sociedad Española de Otorrinolaringología y Cirugía de Cabeza y Cuello SEORL-CCC (Spanish Society of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery), together with the Otology and Otoneurology Committees, have undertaken a review of the current state of bone-conduction devices with updated information, to provide a clinical guideline on bone-conduction implants for otorhinolaryngology specialists, health professionals, health authorities and society in general.


This clinical guideline on bone-conduction implants contains information on the following: 1) Definition and description of bone-conduction devices; 2) Current and upcoming indications for bone conduction devices: Magnetic resonance compatibility; 3) Organization requirements for a bone-conduction implant programme.


The purpose of this guideline is to describe the different bone-conduction implants, their characteristics and their indications, and to provide coordinated instructions for all the above-mentioned agents for decision making within their specific work areas.

CITATION  Acta Otorrinolaringol Esp (Engl Ed). Mar-Apr 2019;70(2):105-111. doi: 10.1016/j.otorri.2017.12.001.  Epub 2018 Apr 13