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Cisplatin, mitomycin, and vindesine followed by intraoperative and postoperative radiotherapy for stage III non-small cell lung cancer: final results of a phase II study

Jun 1, 1997 | Magazine: American Journal of Clinical Oncology

Aristu J., Rebollo J., Martínez-Monge R., Aramendía J.M., Viera J.C., Azinovic I., Herreros J., Brugarolas A.

Sixty-two patients with stage III non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) were treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy consisting of cisplatin 120 mg/m2 day 1, mitomycin 8 mg/m2 day 1, and vindesine 3 mg/m2 days 1 and 14.

Each cycle was repeated every 4 weeks for a total of 1 to 6 cycles (median, 3 cycles). Resection was attempted 4 to 5 weeks after the last course of chemotherapy. Intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) (10-15 Gy) was delivered during surgery and postoperative external beam radiotherapy (EBRT) (46 Gy) was begun 4 weeks after surgery. Fifty-five patients (25 IIIA, 30 IIIB) were evaluable. Only partial responses occurred (64%), and 29 patients (53%) underwent resection.

Complete resection rates were 85% (12/14) and 40% (6/15) in stage IIIA and IIIB, respectively (p = 0.01). In 3 of 29 patients (10%), no tumor was found in the resected specimen. There was one chemotherapy-related death and three postoperative-related deaths. The median survival time was 10 months, and the 5-year survival rate was 29 and 7% for stage IIIA and stage IIIB, respectively (p = 0.3). High complete resection rates and modest increase in 5-year survival have been observed in stage IIIA NSCLC.

Although a number of stage IIIB patients can be made technically resectable, the low complete resectability rate reflects the lack of survival benefit in these patients.

CITATION  Am J Clin Oncol. 1997 Jun;20(3):276-81