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Cellular cardiomyoplasty: clinical application

Mar 1, 2004 | Magazine: The Annals of Thoracic Surgery

Chachques JC, Acar C, Herreros J, Trainini JC, Prosper F, D'Attellis N, Fabiani JN, Carpentier AF.

Myocardial regeneration can be induced with the implantation of a variety of myogenic and angiogenic cell types.

More than 150 patients have been treated with cellular cardiomyoplasty worldwide, 18 patients have been treated by our group. Cellular cardiomyoplasty seems to reduce the size and fibrosis of infarct scars, limit postischemic remodelling, and restore regional myocardial contractility.

Techniques for skeletal myoblasts culture and ex vivo expansion using autologous patient serum (obtained from plasmapheresis) have been developed by our group. In this article we propose (1) a total autologous cell culture technique and procedures for cell delivery and (2) a clinical trial with appropriate endpoints structured to determine the efficacy of cellular cardiomyoplasty.

CITATION  Ann Thorac Surg. 2004 Mar;77(3):1121-30

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