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CD4+/CD25+ regulatory cells inhibit activation of tumor-primed CD4+ T cells with IFN-gamma-dependent antiangiogenic activity, as well as long-lasting tumor immunity elicited by peptide vaccination

Casares N, Arribillaga L, Sarobe P, Dotor J, Lopez-Diaz de Cerio A, Melero I, Prieto J, Borrás-Cuesta F, Lasarte JJ.
Department of Internal Medicine, Medical School, University Clinic and Fundación para la Investigación Médica Aplicada, University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain.

Magazine: Journal of Immunology

Date: Dec 1, 2003

Cell Therapy Area [SP] Immunology [SP]

CD25(+) regulatory T (T reg) cells suppress the activation/proliferation of other CD4(+) or CD8(+) T cells in vitro. Also, down-regulation of CD25(+) T reg cells enhance antitumor immune responses. In this study, we show that depletion of CD25(+) T reg cells allows the host to induce both CD4(+) and CD8(+) antitumoral responses following tumor challenge.

Simultaneous depletion of CD25(+) and CD8(+) cells, as well as adoptive transfer experiments, revealed that tumor-specific CD4(+) T cells, which emerged in the absence of CD25(+) T reg cells, were able to reject CT26 colon cancer cells, a MHC class II-negative tumor. The antitumoral effect mediated by CD4(+) T cells was dependent on IFN-gamma production, which exerted a potent antiangiogenic activity.

The capacity of the host to mount this antitumor response is lost once the number of CD25(+) T reg cells is restored over time. However, CD25(+) T reg cell depletion before immunization with AH1 (a cytotoxic T cell determinant from CT26 tumor cells) permits the induction of a long-lasting antitumoral immune response, not observed if immunization is conducted in the presence of regulatory cells.

A study of the effect of different levels of depletion of CD25(+) T reg cells before immunization with the peptide AH1 alone, or in combination with a Th determinant, unraveled that Th cells play an important role in overcoming the suppressive effect of CD25(+) T reg on the induction of long-lasting cellular immune responses.

CITATION  J Immunol. 2003 Dec 1;171(11):5931-9



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