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Beta-receptor decrease in bronchial asthma. Scientific Publication

Sep 1, 1991 | Magazine: Allergie et Immunologie

Oehling A, Sanz ML, Gamboa PM.

Sinesterases that intervene in cAMP and oGMP equilibrium in the cytoplasm of mast cells are activated by the adrenergic system through beta-receptors.

A study was made on 96 atopic patients with mono sensitization to Dermatophagoides pteronissinus, in 3 groups. Radioligands were used to quantitate the number of beta receptors. In the control group mean no/cell was 541, bronchial symptomatic patients had 327 and nasal symptomatics 348. Asymptomatic patients were similar to controls.

The results were similar with pollen-sensitive patients. Beta receptor decrease is a consequence of clinical allergy in atopic patients and is secondary to the immunological events that follow antigen-antibody reactions and cell membrane changes.

CITATION  Allerg Immunol (Paris). 1991 Sep;23(7):285-8