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Apoptosis and proliferation index in renal biopsies with early chronic rejection and in biopsies from donors older than 60 years

Sep 20, 1999 | Magazine: Transplantation Proceedings

Pardo F.J. (1), Errasti P. (2), Idoate M.A. (1), Sola I. (1), Lozano M.D. (1), de Álava E. (1), Panizo A. (1)

Lesions of early chronic rejection (ECR) may be morphologically indistinguishable from renal lesions of kidneys from donors older than 60 years with clinical history of hypertension and/or intense arteriosclerosis. The aim of this study was to compare the lesions of nephroangiosclerosis (NAS) present in donors older than 60 years and those of ECR, studying their degree of apoptosis and proliferation index of tubular epithelium.

CITATION  Transplant Proc. 1999 Sep;31(6):2283-4