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Aggressive tumors of the concha: treatment with postauricular island pedicle flap

Jul 1, 2003 | Magazine: Journal of Cutaneus Medicine and Surgery

Redondo P, Lloret P, Sierra A, Gil P.

The concha is a partially hidden anatomical area characterized by difficult access and reconstruction.

We describe the use of the postauricular (revolving door) island pedicle flap in the treatment of aggressive tumors of the concha.

We present two patients with aggressive cutaneous tumors localized in auricular concha. One of the patients presented with a large ulcerated basal cell carcinoma. The second patient had received a heart transplant, was receiving immunosuppressive therapy, and was affected by a squamous cell carcinoma.

Both defects were closed using a posterior auricular island flap that was advanced through cartilage with excellent cosmetic results.

The postauricular island pedicle flap is well suited for conchal reconstruction because of its proximity to the defect. The flap was transferred from posterior to anterior toward the concha, followed by primary closure of the retroauricular donor site.

CITATION  J Cutan Med Surg. 2003 Jul-Aug;7(4):339-43