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A single prior course of BCNU-cisplatin chemotherapy has a significant deleterious effect on mobilization kinetics of otherwise untreated patients

Pérez-Calvo J., Fernández O., Aristu J.J., Aramendía J.M., Rifón J., Prosper F., Bendandi M., Rocha E., Martín-Algarra S.
Cell Therapy Area, Clínica Universitaria de Navarra, Pamplona, Spain.

Magazine: Bone Marrow Transplantation

Date: Mar 1, 2004

Radiation Oncology Medical Oncology Cell Therapy Area [SP] Hematología y Hemoterapia [SP]

Extensive prior treatment with cytotoxic agents is associated with impaired mobilization of hematopoietic cells.

To assess the effect of a single course of standard-dose chemotherapy (CT), we compared the results of filgrastim-induced mobilization among two sequential groups of grade III-IV malignant glioma patients included in a hematopoietic transplantation program.

The first group (21 patients) had never been treated with CT until 2 days after surgery, when they received a course of 100 mg/m2 BCNU (i.v.) and 100 mg intracarotid cisplatin for cytoreduction (not for mobilization). At 1 month after this CT, they were mobilized with 12 microg/kg filgrastim. The second group (22 patients) was mobilized with the same dose of filgrastim directly after the surgery, without having ever received any prior CT.

The blood level of CD34+ cells was significantly lower in the CT-treated patients, both on the fourth day of filgrastim (15 vs 36 cells x 10(6)/l; P=0.01) and on the fifth (25 vs 58 cells x 10(6)/l; P=0.003), as it was the number of CD34+ cells collected per apheresis (1.3 vs 3.5 x 10(6)/l; P<0.0005).

The toxic effect of a single course of BCNU-cisplatin CT led to significant impairment of the filgrastim-induced mobilization response.

CITATION  Bone Marrow Transplant. 2004 Mar;33(5):499-502



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