GET A MEDICAL ASSESSMENT FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME With the quality and guarantees of the Clínica Universidad de Navarra


We will make arrangements to pick up the necessary medical documents from your home or wherever is most convenient for you. 


You will receive a medical assessment no later than 15 working days.

Peace of mind

The specialist will call you to answer any questions you might have about your assessment.


If you wish to continue treatment at the Clinica, the amount of the Second Opinion will be refunded to you.


You can request a second opinion by:

(+34) 948 255 400

Before initiating the request, you should gather all of the medical and administrative information to be provided. Your doctor can give you an updated summary of your medical history that includes your current treatment. You should also gather all of the images taken for diagnostic purposes (NMR, X-Ray, CAT scans, etc.) and the results of any recent analyses. You should also have your ID or passport on hand, as well as other additional documents you think might be needed for the consultation.

During the request you will be given access to the “Patient Area”. This is a free service that allows patients to access part of their medical records (reports, treatments, etc.) online.

The Second Opinion service costs €345 within Spain and €530 from all other countries. This amount must be paid during this first phase.

Once the request is made, the Clinic will phone you to arrange the time and date when the courier service will pick up the documentation.

It is important that all of the necessary medical and administrative documentation be ready.

You should also read the documentation that the courier will provide you, since your signature is required to begin the Second Opinion process.

Documentation to be provided:

  • Copy of ID or passport
  • Medical reports, analyses, results of diagnostic tests, images, etc.
  • If the request is not made by the patient, a copy of the document accrediting that he/she is the patient’s legal guardian.

Documentation that the courier will give you and that must be signed when the pick-up is made:

The documentation is taken to the Clinic, where it is scanned and recorded before being given to the specialist in the area related to your case, who will analyze it.

A second opinion from an impartial and experienced medical professional can help you face a difficult situation more confidently and let you make an informed decision based on all the treatment options.

Based on the information provided, a second opinion will:

  • Confirm your diagnosis.
  • Revise your current treatment plan.
  • Offer recommendations and/or suggestions about a possible treatment plan at the Clínica Universidad de Navarra or at your usual healthcare provider.

The Clinic guarantees that you will receive, by courier service, the results of the Second Opinion, along with the documentation you originally provided, within 15 working days of our receipt of your documentation.

If so requested, you will also receive a username and password to access the Patient Area, which will let you access your medical records at the Clinic online.

  • Within two or three days the specialist who did your assessment will contact you to answer any questions you might have about your diagnosis.
  • The Clínica Universidad de Navarra will refund the cost of the Second Opinion if you decide to continue your treatment with us.


The person requesting this service must be at least 16 years of age.

For minors and the disabled, the request must be made by their parents or legal guardian.

In this case, the legal documents needed to verify their status must be provided.

> Download the legal document for the legal guardian

The remote Second Opinion Consultation costs 345 euros for consultations within Spain, and 530 euros for all other countries.

This amount must be paid when requesting the service and includes the medical assessment, the courier service and the specialist’s call to answer questions.

Once the payment is confirmed, the Clinic will use the information provided in the request to make the arrangements needed to pick-up the medical information in order to proceed with the assessment.

If you wish to continue treatment in person at the Clinic, the cost of the Second Opinion service will be discounted from the first invoice issued in the patient’s name.

No, you can also request it by calling the Clinic on (+34) 948 255 400.

Or, if you give us your number, we will call you.

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The consultation fee includes all of the necessary courier costs, meaning no additional payments are required.

Yes. Before the documentation is picked up, the Clinic will contact you to arrange the time, date and location of the pick-up.

If the Clinic specialist cannot issue a diagnosis with the documentation provided, you will be asked for the additional information needed.

In any event, if the specialist cannot make a definitive assessment, the costs of the service will be refunded in their entirety, minus courier costs. All of the information provided will also be returned.

The document issued by the Clinic is for information purposes only and is not a valid medical report.

The specialist must see the patient in person in order to issue a medically valid report.

All of the documentation received by the Clinic is scanned and stored, pursuant to the requirements of the Law on the Protection of Personal Information.

Yes. After receiving the Second Opinion document, if the patient wishes to arrange for an appointment with one of the Clinic’s specialists, arrangements will be made as quickly as possible, ideally within one week, subject to the patient’s needs and condition.

Travel and lodging arrangements can also be made if requested.

In any event, the cost of the Second Opinion Consultation will be discounted from the first invoice issued in the patient’s name.

Yes, it is available for every specialty at the Clinic.

The Patient Area is a section on the Clinic’s website that patients can use to access their medical records.

From the Patient Area you can check:

  • Your medical reports.
  • Appointment schedule: appointment calendar, pre-treatment and check-up preparations.
  • Health advice for your condition.
  • Invoices.
  • Send messages to your doctor (some departments only).