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The Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Navarra Clinic in order to provide better information, diagnosis and treatment services for the patients is organized in different healthcare areas.

We cover all areas of ophthalmology and through team work we guarantee that every situation will be attended by an expert in each field.

A single physician will be responsible and will guide you throughout the process, so you will never feel uninformed or lonely. The information will be delivered rapidly, and in case of surgery, at the end of the procedure the surgeon will explain the details to the family.


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If you require the opinion of our experts without having to travel to the Clinica, we offer the possibility of a Second Medical Opinion consultation.

Glaucoma is a progressive optic neuropathy, caused by an increase in the internal eye pressure, that produces loss of peripheral vision which if not treated can progress to blindness.

There are several types of Glaucoma, the most frequent type is Chronic Glaucoma which appears after the age of 40. It is a disease with an inheritance compound.

Glaucoma produces a loss of visual field that does not affect central vision until advanced stages of the disease.

The patient does not present symptoms that can make the physician or the patient itself suspect Glaucoma. Because of the lack of symptoms, it is very important to perform a periodic check of eye pressure, starting at age 40, in order to make an early diagnosis of the disease when it is present. 

Oculoplastic Surgery is a branch of ophthalmology that treats eyelid, orbit and lacrimal pathway problems.

This includes fallen eyelid, tumors, reconstructions, tearing problems and many other pathologies 

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