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The Medical Check-ups Unit at the Clínica is made up of Internal Medicine specialists who are exclusively dedicated to carrying out personalised medical check-ups, and a long experience of more than 43.000 checks-up performed.

In less than 24 hours, we carry out all the necessary tests for each check-ups. The services and equipment available at the Clínica allow us to quickly do all the diagnostic tests in the same centre, without having to move between buildings.

We have the latest technology, both for diagnosis and, if necessary, treatment of any diseases detected during the examinations.

Planning each check-up is a personalised and individual process, depending on the patient´s characteristics, requirements and health status.

Furthermore, we offer specific programmes, such as the early detection of various diseases (breast cancer, lung cancer, melanoma etc.) and have sports check-ups for both elite and amateur sports men and women who wish to evaluate their cardiovascular system and all the organs used when practising sport.

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The Medical Check-ups Unit is valued for its diagnostic capabilities, speed and flexibility. [Video only available in Spanish]

We promote medicine for which doctor visits are recommended, not just to treat the disease".

The Medical Check-ups Unit is valued for its diagnostic capabilities, speed and flexibility. The Clínica treats patients in all specialities and carries out all diagnostic testing in one centre. This means that the different areas can work together so that a comprehensive check-up can generally be carried out in less than 24 hours, or in less than 48 hours, if the patient requires a colonoscopy.

To carry out a check-ups, the Clínica contacts the patient prior to their appointment to give them the information they need and prepare them for their visit. Once the patient is at the Clínica, they will be welcomed by the Medical Check-Ups Unit where their clinical history information will be recorded and a physical examination will be carried out, following a consultation with a specialist.

A doctor will then indicate which diagnostic tests are necessary, according to the patient´s characteristics, including medical consultations in some of the Clínica´s other departments, in which the patient will undergo testing throughout the day.

To complete the check-ups, a Medical Check-ups Unit specialist will fully explain all the tests´ findings, and prescribe any required medication.

The specialist will also offer advice about lifestyle habits, preventive measures, how to revert or delay any detected diseases´ progression, and what type of tests must be carried out in the future, etc. A few days later, the patient will receive their complete medical report by mail.

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Some form of disease is discovered in 90% of patients who undergo a medical check-ups. When detected in early stages, it allows doctors to begin treatment and cure the condition in the majority of cases.

Grafico resultado de chequeos

We have the most advanced technology in one hospital for carrying out these medical check-ups. This allows us to do all the necessary tests in less than 24 hours, without needing to move between different buildings.

Full Body CT Scan
This imaging diagnostic technique is used to identify problems and diseases even before the patient experiences any symptoms.

Three fundamental areas of the body are analysed: the lungs, heart and abdomen-pelvis section.

At the Clínica three types of colonoscopy are offered, depending on the patient´s characteristics and requirements: conventional colonoscopy with anaesthetic, virtual colonoscopy and endoscopic capsule colonoscopy (using an optical camera).

The Clínica has the latest generation Mammography equipment which reduces the dose of radiation used on the patient, whilst at the same time, creating optimum quality and high resolution images.

It also makes it possible for a mammography to be carried out in women with breast prostheses and dense breasts.

A Mammography is a diagnostic test with specific X-rays for the detection of breast cancer.

Cardiopulmonary Stress Test
This test is recommended to evaluate a patient´s cardiopulmonary capacity, for heart disease prognosis, cystic fibrosis or pulmonary vascular diseases.

Occasionally, it can be used alongside imaging techniques (echocardiography or cardiac scans) to improve the quality of diagnosis.



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