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From our patients´ first visit, in the Digestive Tract Tumours Department, the best diagnostic and therapeutic plan is created for them.

We also plan and organise their own and their family´s overall care. This allows us to provide the specific services we offer with efficiency, guaranteeing the optimum care for all our patients.

The suggested treatment for colon cancer is surgical treatment, which consists in removing the tumour and sufficient surrounding tissue to guarantee a complete resection. This surgical treatment is combined with chemotherapy and radiotherapy programmes to achieve remission of the disease. 


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If you require the opinion of our experts without having to travel to the Clinica, we offer the possibility of a Second Medical Opinion consultation.

Surgery is always possible, and aims to be conservative.

Surgery for colon cancer involves removing the tumour and sufficient surrounding tissue such as the main arterial and venous vessels that sustain the section of the intestine containing the tumour and the nearby lymph nodes. The removal can be carried out conventionally or laparoscopically, with a smaller incision and a smaller post operation recovery period.

Treating Rectal Cancer without distant metastasis consists in extracting the affected rectum. Occasionally, depending on the stage at which the tumour is discovered, it is necessary to administer radiotherapy and chemotherapy before the operation. 

Radiotherapy can be used to locally control the disease and aids surgery.

In non-metastatic rectal cancer, Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) is administered to locally control the disease and aid surgery.

IMRT allows a precise dose of radiation to be administered to the areas needing treatment and significantly reduces the irradiation of healthy tissue. It is also used in sphincter conservation procedures in early stage tumours.

Chemotherapy is a therapy used on its own or combined with other treatments.

Chemotherapy is a treatment used before the operation in patients with non-metastatic rectal cancer and sphincter conservation procedures in early stage tumours.

It is used postoperatively for non-metastatic colon cancer in its initial stages, in metastatic colorectal cancer and in extensive metastatic diseases, in which case it is combined with new biological therapies.

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