Imagen Dr. Jorge Guridi Legarra, Departamento de Neurocirugia.

meet Dr. Jorge Guridi Legarra

Head of Neurosurgery
Department Neurosurgery Specialist

training andProfessional Career

Graduated (1978) and was awarded his doctorate (1994) in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Navarra Faculty of Medicine. He became a Neurosurgery Specialist at the University of Zaragoza after his residency in the Neurosurgery Unit at the Hospital of Navarra. He completed his training with residencies in the Neurosurgery Unit of the Mayo Clinic and in the Neurology & Neurosurgery Department at Emory University (USA).

He works as the Head of Neurosurgery Department at the Clínica Universidad de Navarra.

He has led various national and international projects for research into basal ganglia surgery in experimental animals. He participated as the European Neurosurgeon in the Cooperative International Study of advanced Parkinson ́s disease treatment with subthalamic nucleus or internal globus pallidus stimulation.  

Estudio de diagnóstico y tratamiento de:
  • Enfermedades neurodegenerativas
  • Estimulación cerebral profunda
  • Cirugía funcional

Conozca qué pacientes con enfermedad de Parkinson pueden ser operados y en qué consiste la intervención. La cirugía de la enfermedad de Parkinson está indicada cuando el tratamiento farmacológico no logra controlar los síntomas del paciente durante todo el día. Mediante  una cirugía de estimulación cerebral profunda del núcleo subtalámico,  se implementa un electrodo en ese núcleo, a través del cual se realiza  una estimulación de alta frecuencia sobre un pequeño volumen cerebral  (diana quirúrgica) que inhibe o bloquea la actividad patológica de esta  estructura afectada.
Who can be operated Parkinson's disease?. [Video only available in Spanish]


As an educator

Associate professor at the University of Navarra.

Deep Stimulation Professor at the Expert Training Committee for Young Neurosurgeons.

As a researcher

Author of more than 100 publications in national and international magazines, 30 book chapters and 200 presentations at conferences and seminars about the speciality.

Sociedad Española de Cirugía Funcional (2012-2014)



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