Practical information coronavirus

If you need to come to the Clinic during the pandemic, we facilitate your access.

The Clinic is adapted to receive you.

Do you need to come to the Clinic during the pandemic?

The Clínica Universidad de Navarra is an international reference hospital with highly specialized professionals in the management of risk situations and highly complex patients. Since the COVID-19 alert was declared, we have adapted our procedures and protocols to the changing situation and we are facing this situation with the highest security measures. 

Even so, we must remember that the Clinic is a space reserved for patients in need of medical care and our priority is your safety and that of our professionals.

We need your help to continue making the Clinic a safe place, free of COVID-19.

For this reason, if you have to make an appointment with one of our professionals or if you already have one, it is important that you keep in mind a series of security measures, which have been taken in coordination with the health authorities and following WHO (World Health Organization) protocols.

If you have to travel to Spain to come to the Clinic

1. Request the permission to enter Spain at the Spanish consulate in your country. 

Solving consular problems:

(a) Check if your nationality requires a visa to come to Spain.

(b) Even if no visa is required or you already have one, request an authorization to enter Spain:

  • The Ministry of the Interior has imposed restrictions.
  • An express request before the Consulate is needed to obtain the authorization.
  • This requires a letter from the physician addressing the Consulate to detail the urgency of the patient's clinical case.
  • Only one companion per patient will be authorized.
  • To date, it is not required to have a PCR done. 

c) Make sure you have this authorization before boarding. On several occasions travelers have been rejected by airlines for not having such authorization.

d) Make sure that the Consulate has the details of your trip to Spain, including the airport of entry, so that the airport police can be notified of your arrival. (Sometimes very embarrassing delays occur when the police detain travelers at the airport for not having the express authorization confirmed by the Consulate to the relevant authorities). 

2. Check that your travel insurance has assistance coverage for COVID-19.

3. 48 hours before traveling, fill out the Health Control Form. You will receive a QR code that you must present at the airport control.

4. Must carry printed letter of summons, entry permit and medical certificate/documentation throughout the trip.

If you arrive in Spain and start having respiratory symptoms compatible with COVID-19, we recommend you to call the Coronavirus information telephone number of the Community of Madrid +34 900 102 112 or +34 948 290 290, in the case you are in Navarre.

Then, you will have to call the Clinic: +34 948 25 54 00, to inform us, so proceed to reschedule your appointment with maximum priority

It is important that you bring your printed appointment with you.

To guarantee your safety and that of the rest of the patients and professionals, when you arrive at the Clinic, you will be asked for your appointment and, for the same reason, a preventive triage of the disease will be performed.

If you have no symptoms, you will be invited to wash your hands with alcohol-based gel at the nearest point.

If you present symptoms: fever, cough, mucus and respiratory distress, but they are not compatible with Coronavirus, you will be invited to wash your hands with alcohol-based gel at the nearest point, and you will be given gloves and a mask.

If the symptoms are compatible with coronavirus, we will explain that you cannot keep your appointment and we will reschedule your consultation.

We will give you the necessary indications, depending on your condition: either call the Coronavirus information telephone number of the Community of Madrid: +34 900 102 112 or +34 948 290 290, in the case of the Community of Navarre or you will be referred to the emergency service covered by your policy.

If the authorities in your country require you to present the PCR result upon your return, you can request this test at the Clinic and we will perform it without any inconvenience.

  If you are traveling with a companion

Our main priority is the protection of our patients and our professionals. The situation generated by the SARS CoV2 COVID-19 outbreak has made us adopt a series of extraordinary measures to continue preserving the Clinic as a safe place.

In this sense, on an ad hoc basis and for the duration of this situation, the Clinic's visiting policy has been modified.

You will find a preventive triage point in Hospitalization, ICU and Neonatology ICU.

Regarding visits: 

  • Visiting a hospitalized patient: one symptom-free companion per patient.
  • Visit to a patient in ICU: one symptom-free companion per patient.
  • Visiting an infant in the Neonatal ICU: Only parents, as long as they are symptom-free.


  • If you have symptoms compatible with COVID-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath) of recent onset.
  • If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 within the last 14 days.
  • If you have had close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 within the past two weeks.

Safer than ever to continue taking care of you

We update safety protocols weekly with the latest scientific evidence and the knowledge of the best international centers with which we collaborate.