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The Clínica Universidad de Navarra in Madrid is located in the new urban campus of the University of Navarra in Madrid, located in the east of the capital, at kilometer 7 of the A2, between Avenida América-A2, the Felipe Juvara Bridge and the street of the Marquesado de Santa Marta.

10 min

from Plaza de Castilla

15 min

from the Atocha station

8 min

from the airport

  • Bus stop of lines 114 and N4
  • Accessible from the M-40 and M-30
  • Subway stops Suanzes and Torre Arias ten minutes walk

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latest technologyFOR THE BEST MEDICINE

Headquarters in Madrid
selector carrusel

Unique in Spain, it allows to obtain precise information of complex organs and structures that are difficult to diagnose. Together with the PET-CT system that detects the minimum tumor presence.

Magnetic resonance 3Teslas

Adaptable to any body biotype, this 3 tesla magnetic resonance adjusts the study of the image to the physical qualities of the patient and has greater power.

Dual source CT

This TAC has two X-ray tubes that reduce the time needed for exploration and allows a total characterization of tissues with a low dose of radiation.

Imagen del nuevo quirófano híbrido instalado en la nueva sede en Madrid de la Clínica Universidad de Navarra
Hybrid operating rooms

Diagnostic technology for imaging and surgery guided by 3D image of the latest generation and in real time for minimally invasive procedures

Surgical robot Da Vinci®

This robotic system provides minimal aggression and high precision in the operating room. It eliminates the natural tremor of the hand of the surgeon and improves the visualization of the anatomical field.

Imagen acelerador lineal radioterapia
Radiotherapy Accelerator

The precision in the radiation and the protection of adjacent healthy tissue is the main contribution of the Elekta Versa HD accelerator, ten times faster and with 4D images.

othersfrequent questions

This conception of the same hospital with two locations will allow all patients to request an appointment in Madrid or Pamplona.

It will not be necessary to transfer the clinical history from one center to another and the teams of specialists will follow the same procedures to offer the patients the best possible medical and human treatment.

The two offices of the Clinic, both Pamplona and Madrid, will be trained to assist patients with the same healthcare model and medical specialties.

The factors that determine attendance at one location or another will be adapted to the circumstances of each patient. In case of doubts, the Call-center service will advise in a personalized way. The Call-Center telephone number is 91 353 19 20. You can also request an appointment through the Internet.

The Clinic is a university hospital, researcher and where the professionals work exclusively to solve quickly and effectively the problems of patients, in a multidisciplinary work model.

This means that the specialists work in a simultaneous and coordinated way in favor of each patient, which translates into an efficient solution of their problems. The patient always has his reference doctor; and all the other doctors who collaborate in the diagnosis and treatment report to the responsible doctor.

This teamwork, favored by the exclusive dedication of its professionals, provides great advantages for the patient and is also a differential feature.