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Metabolic or diabetes surgery is performed with the same surgical techniques used for the surgical treatment of obesity. There are various surgical techniques that can currently be performed, and there is no one ideal operation.

The type of surgery will depend on the patient’s clinical characteristics, potential complications, feeding behaviour and psychological profile.

Lastly, the specialised surgeon, in conjunction with the endocrinology and nutrition specialist, will establish the precise indication assessing the effectiveness, advantages and disadvantages of the various techniques.


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Using this technique, the stomach is sectioned to reduce its size and is sutured to the intestine. Thus, the amount of food ingested is lower and its absorption is limited to the desired section of intestine.

Patients feel satiated sooner and are less attracted to food.

This surgery is recommended for patients with a BMI greater than 40 (or 35 if they have other associated diseases).

After the surgery, the average weight loss is usually around 30% of the total weight and 70% of the excess weight (fat).

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With this surgery, the stomach is sectioned with mechanical staplers until it forms a long and narrow tube, removing the rest of the stomach from the body.

Thus, the route that the food follows is the same as before surgery.

This surgery is indicated for patients for whom the risks of a long operation are very high, for those whose BMI is very high or for those in whom there is no wish to combine the restriction with a lower absorption of food.

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