Metabolic surgery


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Trust in our physicians. I was very worried about diabetes and thought that if it kept going like this, the consequences for my health were be increasingly dire. They explained to me that this type of surgery could cure diabetes, and so I said, ‘Go ahead’.” I put my full trust in them.”

Maite. Patient operated on for diabetes

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bariatric surgeryAT THE CLÍNICA

Paciente obeso complejo con indicación de cirugía bariátrica.  Este protocolo es aplicado en los casos en los que pacientes padecen grado de obesidad  superior a 2, con complicaciones asociadas, o a 3 índice de masa  corporal superior a 40. En estos casos, el paciente puede ser incluído  en un programa de cirugía bariátrica.
Obesity surgery at the Clínica. [Video only available in Spanish]
Imagen del Dr. Víctor Valentí, cirujano de la Clínica Universidad de Navarra, en los quirófanos
The story of an obese patient underwent bariatric surgery. [Video only available in Spanish]
Imagen preview del infográfico sobre cirugía metabólica
Learn how bariatric surgery is carried out in treatment of diabetes mellitus. [Infography only available in Spanish]
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European Centre of Excellence

We have more than 15 years' experience and are accredited as a European Centre Excellence in obesity treatment.

Bariatric surgery advances

We have an experienced team of surgeons and excellent results when surgically treating obesity.

Diabetes treatment

There are new treatment possibilities for diabetic patients that have fantastic results

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Patients who undergo the operation are generally satisfied by the many health benefits it offers and the improvements in their quality of life".



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