Musculoskeletal tumours


90% of patients preserve affected limb
65% survival rate
in the treatment of Ewing ́s sarcoma
more than 30 years ́ experience
in treating these tumours

In other centres, they told me that the only solution was to amputate my leg. At the Clínica, they never once told me that I was going to lose my leg”.


Francisco C.

Patient operated on for osteosarcoma

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Bone tumors are more common in children and adolescents. [Video only available in Spanish]
Story of Martha, a patient who suffered an osteosarcoma. [Video only available in Spanish]

Vast experience

In the last 20 years, we have treated thousands of primary malignant bone tumours. We are the most experienced centre in Spain for the treatment of these diseases.

Conservative Surgery

We are pioneers in carrying out conservative procedures and it is possible to preserve the affected limb in 90% of patients.

Cutting-edge Research

We are developing important lines of investigation in molecular biology to achieve new advances against these diseases.

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The possibility of curing the disease drastically decreases when the treatment is not carried out in experienced centres.”



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