Facial paralysis


almost 80% of patients
recover thanks to conservative treatments
3-6 months
are needed for patients to recover from facial paralysis
of patients are able to close their eyelid after microsurgery

I'm very happy. I'm currently in the rehabilitation period to improve my facial movements and expressions. I've noticed it improving little by little each day".

Isidoro B.

Patient treated for bilateral facial paralysis

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restorative and aesthetic Plastic Surgery Department

The video explains how to recover full nerve function after a facial paralysis. [Video only available in Spanish]
Imagen preview del infográfico sobre reconstrucción mamaria para el cáncer de mama
Know the techniques of breast reconstruction for breast cancer. [Infography only available in Spanish]
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A patient with facial paralysis recovers smile after an operation with graft leg muscle in the face. [Video only available in Spanish]

Our Experience

We are able to repair and reconstruct all the facial structures according to predetermined aesthetic and proportional parameters.

Working Together

We work alongside other departments in the Clínica to offer each patient the most appropriate treatment solutions.

Highly Specialised Surgery

Restorative microsurgery helps the surgeon to reconstruct complex facial structures and achieve very satisfactory aesthetic results.

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Your health is our main objective. 
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To recover a paralysed face, it's important to have an experienced team to carry out the microsurgery and a very precise microscope to repair and rehabilitate the facial nerve".



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