Sports evaluation

With the most advanced technology and knowledge in the multidisciplinary assessment of athletes, from the determination of training status, to the diagnosis and treatment of any type of injury.

Sports assessment and stress tests for athletes are led by doctors from the Clinic's Sports Medicine Department, with the support of all the departments and professionals involved in sports pathologies: cardiologists, pulmonologists, traumatologists, physiologists, physiotherapists.

The stress test allows us to study the body's reaction to a controlled and increasingly intense physical effort, up to the point of maximum effort of each individual.

The Sports Assessment is an examination that seeks to offer the athlete a deeper study than that which could offer an independent stress test, including in addition to this, a series of tests, controls and additional recommendations to improve sports performance and a risk-free activity.

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Why at the Clínica Universidad de Navarra

We are the best private hospital in Spain for the ninth consecutive year.
(Ranking Monitor de Reputación Sanitaria 2023)

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It is formed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals of recognized prestige in their respective clinical and medical research areas.

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The Clinic is coordinated and organized in such a way that the patient can carry out his consultations, treatments and tests in a single day and in a totally flexible way.

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In the Sports Medicine Area we have the most advanced medical technology in diagnosis, prevention and treatment.

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Different customized programs for each level of sports practice

Advanced sports assessment

A complete study to improve sports performance and perform a risk-free activity.

Elite sports assessment

Aimed at athletes who perform high-intensity exercise, it is designed to rule out specific pathologies.

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Prevention of sudden death

By means of a genetic test, it allows the genetic assessment of different coronary risk factors and the risk of sudden death.

Children's sports assessment

Adapted to children's or young people's abilities, it offers guidelines for a sport practice that does not compromise their development.

Why have a sports check-up at the Clínica Universidad de Navarra?

At the Clinic, each patient is unique. Therefore, we design each sports checkup based on a comprehensive and individualized examination of the state of your health with the best diagnostic technology.

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Because we prevent the appearance of injuries or ailments of any kind in people with a demanding physical activity or at a professional level.

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Because we effectively achieve the recovery of injuries caused by sports activity, thanks to a sport practice without risks and with a periodic control.

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Because we promote the practice of sports in a safe way and we watch over the health of both professional and amateur athletes.