CUTTING-EDGE technology

nuclear medicinePET-CT

We have multimodal equipment that combines PET and CT technology. The detection of a tumour lesion is thereby improved considerably. This is the first equipment with these characteristics installed in Spain.

Its most important advantages are a very high resolution and thus greater diagnostic accuracy than its predecessors, as well as a faster performance of the procedure.

The new PET can multiply the possibilities for detecting small tumours through three-dimensional images. It is a non-invasive and painless technique for measuring organ and tissue function. We also have two positron emission tomography devices.

Combined examinations by PET-CT have been shown to provide more accurate diagnoses than the two examinations performed separately. 

Con este nuevo PET-TAC la Clínica es capaz de detectar tumores de reducido tamaño que  hasta ahora resultaban imposibles de identificar. Una mayor precisión y calidad de imagen y un menor tiempo de exploración son las armas de este nuevo aparato lo que redunda en beneficio a la hora de realizar estudios investigadores y diagnósticos en enfermedades oncológicas y neurodegenerativas.
The new PET-CT of the Clínica is capable of detecting small tumours



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