CUTTING-EDGE technology


The Clínica Universidad de Navarra was one of the first Spanish institutions to acquire this new equipment.

The Clínica is equipped with a fluorescence microscope, a variant of ultraviolet light microscopes, which has a number of advantages over the latter: increased signal to noise contrast; the use of antibodies directed against a protein, enabling their placement in a cell; and versatility for studying the functions and processes of live cells.

This technique, when used in surgery, requires the most modern technology to remove as much of the tumour as possible while at the same time respecting the most important areas of the brain. The system should be combined with surgical navigation and neurophysiological monitoring.

Based on the results, the surgical use of this system doubles the number of completed malignant brain tumour excisions and 99% of the tumour volume of all operated glioblastomas.

El uso del microscopio fluorescente consigue duplicar las extirpaciones completas de los tumores cerebrales malignos. Mediante una sustancia inoculada al paciente totalmente inocua, puede  identificar completamente la zona tumoral y diferenciarla de la  zona  sana, consiguiendo una extirpación total del tumor en el 83% de  los  casos, frente al 30% que se lograba anteriormente.
The surgical use of the fluorescence microscope doubles the number of completed malignant brain tumour excisioons



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