Hemodynamics room


Cutting-edge technology

We continuously improve our technology, as we are clear that technology and research means new opportunities for our patients.

The digitalised haemodynamics room of the Cardiology Department has the most advanced technology for the diagnosis and treatment of coronary diseases.

On the one hand, the virtual histology, which offers differentiated and percentage information of the four components of the atheroma plaque: the fibrotic, lipid, calcium and chorionic content.

On the other hand, intracoronary ultrasound, which consists of a 1 mm catheter that incorporates a small ultrasound emission system (transducer) at the distal end connected to a console that generates images in real time.

With optical coherence tomography (OCT), a high-resolution image of the interior of the coronary artery is obtained by means of a laser source light close to the infrared.