The Electrophysiology Laboratory
Treatment of cardiac arrhythmias


Cutting-edge technology

We continuously improve our technology, as we are clear that technology and research means new opportunities for our patients.

Rhythmia, Carto, and Precision are the three main navigation systems for performing the most complex cardiac procedures. All of them are part of the equipment that the Clinic has in its Cardiac Electrophysiology Laboratory.

These browsers, together with the advanced imaging system, make it possible to perform very complex procedures that would be very difficult without these systems, such as ablation procedures, both to treat fibrillation and atrial tachycardia, or ventricular arrhythmias.

Interventions that, thanks to this new equipment, are more precise and therefore obtain better results.

In addition, all cardiac device implantation procedures are also performed in the room: pacemakers, resynchronizers and defibrillators.