Transcaroteal Revascularization

"This procedure offers many advantages both to the patient, in terms of safety and comfort, and to the surgeons, by reducing the rate of complications".


Transcarotid revascularization is a procedure indicated when there is a stenosis of the carotid arteries. Stenosis is a narrowing of the arteries due to a plaque of arteriosclerosis that ends up obstructing the light of the vessel.

In the case of the carotid arteries, it is especially relevant since they are in charge of the blood supply in the brain, so their obstruction can cause a stroke or ictus.

The University of Navarra Clinic is recognized as a "Center of Excellence" in the performance of this technique. It is the first and only hospital in Spain and the second in Europe to enjoy this accreditation, which other hospitals of international prestige have, such as Mass General Hospital and Beth Israel Deaconess, both of which depend on Harvard University (Boston).

This accreditation, which is granted by the company that developed the device that makes the intervention possible, Silkroad Medical, is a recognition of the excellence in the performance of this technique and, therefore, a recognition of the quality of care for patients with carotid disease.

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When is carotid revascularization indicated?

Atherosclerosis is an inflammatory process caused by the progressive accumulation of fat on the walls of the arteries (atheroma plaques) which gradually narrows them. Eventually, these inflamed plaques can rupture, leading to serious complications.

When these plaques are located in the carotid arteries, causing carotid stenosis, patients with carotid stenosis have a very high risk of having a transient ischemic attack (TIA) or a cerebral ictus (stroke), a risk that increases the greater the degree of stenosis, that is, the degree of obstruction.

Have you been diagnosed with carotid stenosis?

It may be possible to perform a carotid transarterial revascularization

How is carotid transarterial revascularization performed?

Transcarotid transarterial revascularization is a safer procedure than the other available alternatives because, unlike conventional open surgery at the base of the neck (carotid endarterectomy), and carotid stenting by femoral puncture, transcarotid revascularization is a minimally invasive procedure that is performed under local anesthesia through a small incision at the base of the neck, where the common carotid artery is controlled.

During the intervention, a device that reverses the flow of blood in the carotid artery, aspirating any fragments that have been detached and retaining them on a filter, thus minimizing the possibility of suffering a stroke.

This procedure offers many advantages both to the patient, in terms of safety (lower rate of stroke) and comfort (local rather than general anesthesia), and to the surgeons, because by having the brain protection system, the rate of complications is lower.

Where do we do it?


The Vascular Surgery Service
of the Clínica Universidad de Navarra

The Vascular Surgery Service of the Clinic has the latest technology for the diagnosis, treatment and surgery of vascular pathologies. Our wide experience, framed in the quality care environment of the University of Navarra Clinic, allows us to offer the patient the most effective and innovative treatments.

We have an operating room specialized in vascular surgery, equipped with advanced equipment for the surgical treatment of the most important vascular diseases. 

We are pioneers in endovascular brachytherapy, localized radiotherapy to treat tumors, which has been practiced in the world on very few occasions.

Diseases we treat

  • Diseases of the aorta
  • Carotid diseases
  • Chronic venous insufficiency (varicose veins)
  • Ischemia of lower extremities
  • Varicose ulcers
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Why at the Clinica?

  • En menos de 24 horas podemos realizar las pruebas necesarias para establecer el diagnóstico y el planteamiento del tratamiento.
  • Área de Flebología pionera en España en el tratamiento de varices con microespuma.

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