Preventive Medicine

"One of the Clinic's objectives is to improve patient safety, which is why it is particularly interested in improving the hygiene of our professionals' and patients' hands".


The Clinic's Preventive Medicine Service seeks to optimize patient safety. Therefore, we improve the hygiene of the hands of its professionals and patients. It is an effective prevention.

The Clinic has advanced techniques of early diagnosis that have demonstrated their high degree of effectiveness.

We deal with medical actions to avoid complications in patients and we act in the sanitary activities to avoid or reduce the consequences of the interventions of the sanitary system: hospital infections of the surgical area, aspergillus, legionella, nocosomial pneumonia, infection by central venous catheter and urinary infection by catheterization.

We control and monitor patients with infections caused by germs resistant to multiple antibiotics, the so-called multi-resistant germs. We educate the patients and the relatives and companions of the patients with these diseases.

We perform sanitary controls in water, air, facilities and food to ensure that patients and their companions are in a safe environment at all times.

Infection prevention for the safety of our patients



  • Hand washing with soap and water

  • Hand washing with hydroalcoholic solution

  • Flora resident or colonizer

  • Transient or contaminating flora


  • Surgical site infection

  • Aspergillus infection

  • Legionella infection

  • Nosocomial pneumonia

  • Central venous catheter infection

  • Urinary tract infection due to catheterization

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Hand washing

  • Reduce the risks of contamination and infection associated with hands.
  • Describe the technique of hand washing in different situations.
  • Indications for cleaning and antiseptic hand washing.
  • Indicate the soaps and antiseptics to be used for each hand washing.
  • Inform and train all health workers about the convenience of handwashing and the specific technique to be used in each case.
  • Establish the channel to evaluate the degree of adhesion and its effectiveness.