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Very accelerated partial breast irradiation in 1 or 2 days: Late toxicity and early oncological outcome of the GEC-ESTRO VAPBI cohort

07-mar-2024 | Revista: Radiotherapy and Oncology

Jean-Michel Hannoun-Levi  1 , Marta Gimeno Morales  2 , Jocelyn Gal  3 , Javier Anchuelo  4 , Jose-Luis Guinot  5 , Miren Gastanaga  6 , Norbert Meszaros  7 , Csaba Polgar  8 , Vratislav Strnad  9 , Renaud Schiappa  3 , Cristina Gutierrez  10

Purpose: To analyze late toxicity after very accelerated partial breast irradiation (VAPBI) for low-risk breast cancer.

Materials: Methods: In this retrospective, observational, international multicenter study (HDH F20220713143949), patients with low-risk breast cancer underwent lumpectomy + vAPBI (high-dose rate multicatheter interstitial brachytherapy-MIBT). VAPBI was performed with 4(4x6.2Gy/2d), 3(3x7.45Gy/2d) or 1 fraction (1x16Gy or 1x18Gy/1d). Primary endpoint was late toxicity. Secondary endpoints were cumulative incidence of breast cancer local relapse (LR) and distant metastatic relapse (DMR) and specific (SS) and overall (OS) survivals. Prognostic factors for late toxicity were analyzed.

Results: From 01/2012 to 06/2022, 516 pts with early breast cancer were enrolled. Median follow-up was 44 months [95%CI 39-46]. Median age was 71 years [40-100]. Median tumor size was 12mm [1-35]. VAPBI delivered 1, 3 and 4 fractions for 205pts (39.7%), 167pts (32.4%) and 144pts (28%) respectively. 221 late toxicity events were observed in 168pts (32.6%) (Fibrosis, dyschromia, pain and telangiectasia). Grade 2 and 3 late toxicities were observed in 7.2 and 0.6% respectively (no G4) with no difference between 1 and ≥2 treatment days. CTV>50cc (p=0.007) and V150>40% (p=0.027) were prognostic factors for G≥2 late toxicity. Four-year cumulative incidence rates of LR and DMR were 2% [95%CI 0-3] and 1% [95%CI 0-2] respectively.

Conclusions: VAPBI based on 1 or ≥2 days of MIBT represents an attractive de-escalation of irradiation approach for low-risk breast cancer. Late toxicity profile appears acceptable while early oncological outcome shows encouraging local control. Longer follow-up is warranted in order to confirm these preliminary results.

CITA DEL ARTÍCULO  Radiother Oncol. 2024 Mar 7:110217. doi: 10.1016/j.radonc.2024.110217