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Towards standardization of POCUS training in Nephrology: the time is NOW

29-feb-2024 | Revista: Nefrología

Gregorio Romero-González  1 , Eduardo R Argaiz  2 , Abhilash Koratala  3 , Duilio Ariel González  4 , Marc Vives  5 , Javier Juega  6 , Jordi Soler-Majoral  6 , Fredzzia Graterol  6 , Inés Perezpayá  6 , Néstor Rodriguez-Chitiva  6 , Ignacio Lorenzo-Ferris  7 , Carlos Narvaez  8 , Joaquín Manrique  9 , Enrique Morales  10 , Maite Rivera-Gorrín  11 , José Ibeas  12 , Jordi Bover  6 , Emilio Sánchez  13 , Patricia de Sequera  14

In Nephrology, the use and integration of ultrasound as a diagnostic tool has been included in the activity of the speciality since the 1980s–1990s, mainly applied to the assessment of the urinary system and the evaluation of vascular access for dialysis.1, 2, 3

The scope of ultrasound in the speciality of Nephrology expanded rapidly, both as a diagnostic tool and in the performance of procedures. However, the acquisition of these competencies requires basic and advanced training models, suitably structured in centres with extensive experience and recognised for this purpose and, although it is already included in the training programme of the speciality, there is still a long way to go.4

Although it is already included in the training programme for the speciality, there is still a long way to go in the accreditation of centres and training programmes that allow students and teachers to be assessed and certified in the use of ultrasound. The aim of this article is to establish the basis for the creation of curricular programmes within the speciality of nephrology that include Point-of-care Ultrasonography (PoCUS) as a useful diagnostic tool.

CITA DEL ARTÍCULO  Nefrologia (Engl Ed). 2024 Feb 29:S2013-2514(24)00047-6.  doi: 10.1016/j.nefroe.2024.02.005