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The unstable os acromiale: a cause of pain in the young athlete

18-may-2020 | Revista: JSES International

Antonio Arenas-Miquelez  1 , Ralph Hertel  1

Purpose: Os acromiale is a common entity in the middle-age group, in whom it is frequently associated with rotator cuff tears. However, it can be a cause of shoulder pain in the young athletes. We want to increase awareness of this pathology that may occultly affect the young athlete as well as to present the results of a perfusion-preserving arthrodesis.

Methods: Four consecutive young patients (17-21 years old) with a history of at least 6 months of unrecognized shoulder pain were surgically treated for os acromiale. Through a superior approach, stabilization of the neo-joint by means of cannulated screws and autogenic graft augmentation was performed.

Results: Union of the os acromiale was achieved in all the patients. They had an excellent functional outcome, reaching all the maximum Simple Shoulder Test (12) and Oxford shoulder Score (48) scores. All the patients were able to return to their previous sports level.

Conclusion: Awareness of the os acromiale in the young athlete, appropriate clinical examination, and image studies are crucial to confirm diagnosis. Surgical treatment aiming at fusion in situ has shown excellent result.

CITA DEL ARTÍCULO  JSES Int. 2020 May 18;4(3):559-563.  doi: 10.1016/j.jseint.2020.02.008