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The role of angled-tip microcatheter and microsphere injection velocity in liver radioembolization: A computational particle-hemodynamics study

01-dic-2017 | Revista: International Journal for Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering

Jorge Aramburu  1 , Raúl Antón  1   2 , Alejandro Rivas  1 , Juan Carlos Ramos  1 , Bruno Sangro  2   3   4 , José Ignacio Bilbao  2   3


Liver radioembolization is a promising treatment option for combating liver tumors. It is performed by placing a microcatheter in the hepatic artery and administering radiation-emitting microspheres through the arterial bloodstream so that they get lodged in the tumoral bed. In avoiding nontarget radiation, the standard practice is to conduct a pretreatment, in which the microcatheter location and injection velocity are decided.

However, between pretreatment and actual treatment, some of the parameters that influence the particle distribution in the liver can vary, resulting in radiation-induced complications.

The present study aims to analyze the influence of a commercially available microcatheter with an angled tip and particle injection velocity in terms of segment-to-segment particle distribution. Specifically, 4 tip orientations and 2 injection velocities are combined to yield a set of 8 numerical simulations of the particle-hemodynamics in a patient-specific truncated hepatic artery. For each simulation, 4 cardiac pulses are simulated.

Particles are injected during the first cycle, and the remaining pulses enable the majority of the injected particles to exit the computational domain. Results indicate that, in terms of injection velocity, particles are more spread out in the cross-sectional lumen areas as the injection velocity increases. The tip's orientation also plays a role because it influences the near-tip hemodynamics, therefore altering the particle travel through the hepatic artery.

However, results suggest that particle distribution tries to match the blood flow split, therefore particle injection velocity and microcatheter tip orientation playing a minor role in segment-to-segment particle distribution.

CITA DEL ARTÍCULO  Int J Numer Method Biomed Eng. 2017 Dec;33(12).  doi: 10.1002/cnm.2895.  Epub 2017 Jul 27

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