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The relations between the tutor and the resident: the importance of interpersonal dynamics in the structured interview.

15-mar-2011 | Revista: Radiología

García Del Barrio L, Pina Insausti LJ, Pueyo Villoslada JC.

Training residents is a task that is both exciting and demanding for which tutors need appropriate training and tools.

One of the tools that have been developed is the structured interview, which is based on providing residents with feedback about the learning process according to pre-established goals.

Structured feedback focused on the learner is an adult learning technique characterized by the student's self-reflection, preparation for the interviews, and relationship of trust between the tutor and the resident. Periodic structured interviews using a script are very useful. But there is something more.

An interview poses multiple challenges for the tutor and for the resident, because both parts must continuously adapt. It is important to create a climate of empathy and ensure that the interview motivates, stimulates, and inspires the resident.

CITA DEL ARTÍCULO  Radiologia. 2010 March - April;53(2):102-107