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The effects of a prehabilitation programme based on therapeutic exercise, back care education, and pain neuroscience education in patients scheduled for lumbar radiculopathy surgery: A study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

06-jun-2024 | Revista: PLoS One

María Dolores Arguisuelas  1 , Miriam Garrigós-Pedrón  2 , Isabel Martínez-Hurtado  1 , Juan Francisco Lisón  2 , Gemma Biviá-Roig  1 , Alejandro Álvarez-Llanas  3 , Esteban Tortosa-Sipán  3 , Rafael Llombart-Blanco  4 , Víctor Rodrigo-Paradells  4 , Matías Alfonso Olmos-García  4 , Félix Tomé-Bermejo  5 , Juan Francisco Blanco-Blanco  6 , Julio Doménech-Fernández  4


The aim of this present clinical trial is to evaluate the effectiveness of a multicomponent prehabilitation programme administered through educational videos versus another programme based on written exercise recommendations, in patients scheduled for lumbar radiculopathy surgery.

This study will be a multicentre, controlled, randomised, parallel clinical trial. One hundred participants undergoing lumbar radiculopathy surgery who meet the established inclusion criteria will be recruited at different Spanish hospitals.

The experimental group will follow a 4-week prehabilitation programme combining therapeutic exercise, back care education, and pain neuroscience education delivered through videos designed for consumption at home. The control group will be provided with written instructions to perform therapeutic exercises during the same prehabilitation time period.

The primary outcome of the study will be disability, assessed using the Spanish version of the Oswestry Disability Index. The secondary outcomes will be pain perception, health-related quality of life, fear avoidance, kinesiophobia, catastrophising, anxiety, depression, physical activity, and the treatment satisfaction of the patients. This study will provide evidence for the effectiveness of a home-based multicomponent prehabilitation programme that addresses some already identified barriers to patient attendance in face-to-face programmes.

Understanding the medium and long-term effects of pre-surgery lumbar muscle training and pain neuroscience education administered via instructional videos watched by patients at home, will help improve the design of prehabilitation programmes in this population while also improving the cost-effectiveness of such interventions.

CITA DEL ARTÍCULO  PLoS One. 2024 Jun 6;19(6):e0303979. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0303979. eCollection 2024