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Special operative events in the first case of liver grafting after heart transplantation

01-feb-1988 | Revista: Surgery

Mora NP, Cienfuegos JA, Ardaiz J, Pardo F, Turrión VS, Pereira F, Herrera J, Castillo Olivares JL, Figuera D.


Combined heart-liver transplantation is the only therapeutic possibility for patients with familial hypercholesterolemia IIa. A 12-year-old boy with this metabolopathy underwent a double transplant in two steps (different donors). This original alternative was chosen to assure a safer procedure in this critical situation.

Details of intraoperative events are described. Cholesterol and LDL decreased to physiologic levels after liver transplantation. The child's condition is optimal 1.5 years after surgery.

CITA DE ARTÍCULO  Surgery. 1988 Feb;103(2):264-7