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Reciprocal inhibition between forearm muscles in spastic hemiplegia

01-feb-1991 | Revista: Neurology

Artieda J., Quesada P., Obeso J.A.

We studied reciprocal inhibition of H-reflexes in the forearm flexor and extensor muscles in 14 patients with spastic hemiplegia secondary to a focal cerebral lesion and 14 normal volunteers. In the spastic limb, the Hmax/Mmax ratio was increased in both flexor and particularly extensor wrist muscles.

The 3 normal inhibitory phases of reciprocal inhibition between extensor and flexor forearm muscles were markedly reduced on the spastic side of patients. The early disynaptic phase showed the greatest alteration.

Reduced or absent inhibition between forearm muscles associated with increased spinal motoneuron excitability may be typical to spastic hemiplegia.

CITA DEL ARTÍCULO  Neurology. 1991 Feb;41(2 ( Pt 1)):286-9