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Prospective Real-World Gynaecological Cancer Clinical Registry with Associated Biospecimens: A Collaborative Model to Promote Translational Research between GEICO and the Spanish Biobank Network

13-abr-2022 | Revista: Cancers

José Antonio López-Guerrero  1   2   3 , Marta Mendiola  4   5 , José Alejandro Pérez-Fidalgo  6 , Ignacio Romero  7 , Ana Torres  8 , Delia Recalde  9 , Elena Molina  10 , César Gómez-Raposo  11 , Ana M Levin  12 , Ana Herrero  13 , Jesús Alarcón  14 , Carmen Esteban  15 , Gloria Marquina  16 , María Jesús Rubio  17 , Eva Guerra  18 , Luisa Sánchez-Lorenzo  19 , Fernando Gálvez-Montosa  20 , Ana de Juan  21 , Cristina Churruca  22 , Alejandro Gallego  23 , Antonio González-Martín  19   24


Patient registries linked to biorepositories constitute a valuable asset for clinical and translational research in oncology. The Spanish Group of Ovarian Cancer Research (GEICO), in collaboration with the Spanish Biobank Network (RNBB), has developed a multicentre, multistakeholder, prospective virtual clinical registry (VCR) associated with biobanks for the collection of real-world data and biological samples of gynaecological cancer patients.

This collaborative project aims to promote research by providing broad access to high-quality clinical data and biospecimens for future research according to the needs of investigators and to increase diagnostic and therapeutic opportunities for gynaecological cancer patients in Spain.

The VCR will include the participation of more than 60 Spanish hospitals entering relevant clinical information in harmonised electronic case report forms (eCRFs) in four different cohorts: ovarian, endometrial, cervical, and rare gynaecological cancers (gestational trophoblastic disease). Initial data for the cases included till December 2021 are presented.

The model described herein establishes a real-world win-win collaboration between multicentre structures, promoted and supported by GEICO, that will contribute to the success of translational research in gynaecological cancer.

CITA DEL ARTÍCULO  Cancers (Basel). 2022 Apr 13;14(8):1965. doi: 10.3390/cancers14081965