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Primary central nervous system lymphoma treated with rituximab plus temozolomide in a second line schedule

01-jul-2007 | Revista: Clinical and Translational Oncology

M. Santisteban (1), Y. Nieto (1), S. De la Cruz (1), J. Aristu (2), J. L. Zubieta (3) and O. Fernández Hidalgo (1)

We report a case of primary CNS lymphoma treated with high-dose methotrexate in the first line.

After disease progression the patient received cranial radiotherapy with concomitant temozolomide, followed by rituximab plus temozolomide, with complete remission of the disease maintained for at least two years and without major toxicity.

CITA DEL ARTÍCULO  Clin Transl Oncol. 2007 Jul;9(7):465-7