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Polarity of immunogens: implications for vaccine design

30-sep-1990 | Revista: European Journal of Immunology

Golvano J, Lasarte JJ, Sarobe P, Gullón A, Prieto J, Borrás-Cuesta F.

Peptide constructs have been engineered consisting of amino acid sequence determinant recognized by T cells (TD) co-linearly linked to haptenic peptides. It was found that high anti-hapten antibody titers were induced after immunization with those constructs which had the TD sequence in the N-terminal position with respect to the hapten.

Low or zero titers were elicited when the TD was in C-terminal position. Also, a high anti-hapten antibody titer corresponded to a low or zero anti-TD antibody titer and vice versa.

These results suggest that immunogens are polar and stress the relevance of searching the more adequate position of the TD within a peptide construct when designing immunogens or synthetic peptide vaccines.

CITA DEL ARTÍCULO  Eur J Immunol. 1990 Oct;20(10):2363-6