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Necrotizing fasciitis as a complication of late anastomotic leak after anterior resection for rectal cancer

01-dic-2021 | Revista: Cirugía y cirujanos

Víctor Domínguez-Prieto  1 , Miguel León-Arellano  1 , Alicia Alvarellos-Pérez  1 , Mario Ortega-López  1 , Carlos Pastor  2

Background: Anastomotic leak is a serious complication of rectal cancer surgery that leads to increased morbidity and mortality. Its incidence is 3-21%, usually appearing 5-7 days after surgery, although there are cases of late presentation as chronic anastomotic fistulas or sinuses.

Case report: We present three cases of patients who underwent anterior resection for rectal cancer and developed necrotizing fasciitis due to late anastomotic leaks.

Conclusions: We believe that early and resolutive surgical treatment is recommended for chronic anastomotic fistulas or sinuses, even when asymptomatic, because of the associated risk of necrotizing fasciitis.

CITA DEL ARTICULO  Cir Cir. 2021;89(S2):80-83.  doi: 10.24875/CIRU.20001403