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Magnetic Resonance Volumetric Quantification of Vestibular Endolymphatic Hydrops in Patients with Unilateral Definite Meniere's Disease Using 3D Inversion Recovery with Real Reconstruction (3D-REAL-IR) Sequence

14-sep-2023 | Revista: Journal of Clinical Medicine

Víctor Suárez-Vega  1 , Raquel Manrique-Huarte  2 , Pablo Dominguez  3 , Melissa Blanco  4 , Alberto Alonso-Burgos  1 , Nicolás Pérez-Fernández  4

Background: The 3D-REAL-IR MRI sequence allows for an in vivo visualization of endolymphatic hydrops. Qualitative assessment methods of the severity of vestibular and cochlear hydrops are the most commonly used.

Methods: A quantitative volumetric measurement of vestibular EH in patients with definite unilateral Ménière's disease using the 3D-REAL-IR sequence and the calculation of the endolymphatic ratio (ELR) was intended.

Results: Volumetric calculations of the vestibules, vestibular endolymph and vestibular ELR are performed in 96 patients with unilateral Ménière's disease and correlated with classic qualitative grading scales.

Conclusions: Quantitative volumetric measurement of vestibular hydrops using the 3D-REAL-IR sequence is feasible and reproducible in daily clinical practice. Vestibular ELR values exceeding 60% defined radiologically significant vestibular hydrops, while values below 30% defined radiologically non-significant vestibular hydrops.

CITA DEL ARTÍCULO  J Clin Med. 2023 Sep 14;12(18):5965.  doi: 10.3390/jcm12185965